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Ghori Cement background

The Ghori site was originally developed for cement production in 1959 by the Afghan Government. It is currently home to two cement plants, Ghori I and Ghori II. The plants are located side-by-side, 200km north of Kabul in the Pol-e-Khomri District, Baghlan Province.

The Ghori Cement factory was commissioned in 1959 and is Afghanistan's only currently-operational cement plant. It was built by the Czech construction company Prerovske Strojirny for the Afghan Government. The equipment was supplied by its affiliate company, Prerov Machinery Enterprise, as part of an economic aid package from the Soviet Union. The plant has 400t/day or 120,000t/yr of clinker production capacity, from two wet-process 200t/day capacity kilns. It is situated between a large limestone hill and the
Pol-e-Khomri River.

The Ghori II plant was partially-constructed in 1986, but building was halted in 1989 with the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. The plant has two wet-process kilns, each with 500t/day of clinker production capacity. It is equipped with technology from the Czech Republic (Prerov/Skoda) that dates back to the 1970s.

Both plants were privatized in 2006, along with resource concessions including an 87Mt on-site limestone reserve and the Karkar-Dudkash coal mines. The Ministry of Mines (MoM) granted a concession to Afghan Investment Company (AIC) to operate and improve the Ghori I and II cement plants based on a detailed implementation plan submitted by AIC.

AIC was established in 2003 in Kabul and Pol-e-Khomri. The founding shareholders included prominent Afghan businessmen and well-connected individuals. AIC was initially capitalized for US$45m.

New management at the AIC has put allot of efforts to renew the factory and increase the production which currently produce 14000/t per month. AIC is also planning to construct the new dry-process of Ghori III plant to increase the production to one million tone per year.

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